Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fun before school!

Well, we ran ourselves crazy last week. School started on Wed. and we tried to play ourselves silly before then! We went to the movies, ate at our favorite pizza place and played games in the arcade for a loooonnnngggg time! Then one day we went to the park at the river and played in the fountain! The kids had a blast! We got smoothies and ate junk!

Between you and me, I think I hate school more than the kids! I could never tell them that. But I hate the early mornings, having to get them in bed by 8 or 8:30. I hate packing lunches when it is not for a picnic. I hate homework. I don't think there are many things I do like. But it is necessary. They must learn and I really feel God has called them to public school. So we do what we have to.

Wednesday morning came all too soon and I cried all the way home after dropping them off. That is supposed to only happen in K isn't it? Seems silly when they are in the third and first grade. But I love being with my kids, even the crazy cranky days are better than them being gone. I love all the little hugs and kisses I get during the day. The funny things they say are missed. The sweet things they do for each other on occasion are not happening while in class.

So you might ask why I think they are "called" to public school. Sounds strange I know. People are supposed to be called to ministry. Well I think we all are called to ministry somewhere. I have prayed for hours about their schooling. We were about ready to pull them out and either put them in private school or home school them. I was agonizing over a difficult year for S last year. But God used my trip to Voice of the Martyrs last year to confirm in my heart what we had originally thought. We had chosen public school because I spent one of my worst years in a private school. That is not to say that all private schools are bad, but it left a terrible taste in my mouth for private schools. (I could type for hours about it!) But one of the main things was the limited number of students and how much control these students seem to have over the school because momma and daddy had money! Then we kept seeing a lot of people homeschooling and wondered if everyone that believed in Christ pulled their kids out to protect them from the world, who is left in the world to be a light? No wonder we are losing ground in the public school arena. We are making a mass exodus as Christians. While at VOM, I read about Christians whose children were in real danger because of their faith. How could they do what they do knowing that their children are at such risk? They have a great faith in God. They chose to serve and trust that what happens is in God's hands. Bottom line: They trust God with their children. So if they can find the faith to trust God with their precious little one's can't I find the faith to trust God with mine being in public school? It is hard let me tell you. That's why I cried all the way home. But God does not call us to an easy life. He calls us to be a light. So I pray that they shine brightly every single day. We pray with them about this and they know why they go to public school. They are little warriors putting on their armor every morning in the car on the way! Please pray for all our little warriors on the front lines!

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